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  • Definition #1:
    Street slang for the word "mayor", with the syllables reversed. There is a whole group of slang words that are formed by reversing the syllables and is quite common for certain groups. The height of this way of forming slang reached the height of it's popularity in the late 1980's song "Nosi Ba Lasi" (Who Are They), where two of the three words are reversed.
    ex. sa utos ni yorme, kelangan malinis itong side walk.
    submitted by: kaloy2020, Aug 2019
  • Definition #2:
    YORME in it's deepest sense can be defined as a handsome/pretty government head who uses latest trends and technology in carrying out his function with wit and excitement. This clearly defines leadership style of the popular Mayor of Manila, Hon. Isko Moreno.
    ex. He claims to be a yorme but he is not!
    submitted by: anonymous, Oct 2019

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